Sad face – blog hacked

So, it looks like this site and the other blogs I host on this server were defaced earlier today. I’ve repaired most things I can check and have engaged the support team at my host to help diagnose the attack … Continued

FM Notes

Just a quick post that I’ve set up a link blog on Tumblr called FM Notes for things I want to share or excerpt without blogging more about them. Think or DaringFireball style links. I’m keeping them separate for … Continued

Commenting switched to Disqus

For several different reasons, I swapped out WordPress’s native commenting system with Disqus’s hosted product. I’ve seen their service used by more and more blogs I read, and I’ve gotten used to the feature set. Quite simply, I like it … Continued

What’s the weirdest thing you like to eat?

One of the many questions Heidi gets asked automatically when people find out she’s pregnant is whether she’s had weird cravings. (she really hasn’t) It got me thinking, though, that there’s a few things I eat that may fall into … Continued


While I don’t have any particular plan to take a break, it seem clear that blogging is on some sort of hiatus for me. I’ve been very busy and, when I have free time, I’m choosing to do other things. … Continued

Life happens…

Blogging will be particularly light because of certain changes in my life. Overall, things are good, though. For those of you not on Facebook or Twitter, I just thought I’d let you know. On a totally different note, does anyone … Continued

about those blog changes

I have a wireframe I think I like, just working through the details. Real job and real life took up more time than expected, so I’m not done yet. I’ll keep working on it as time permits. Shouldn’t be too … Continued

The American Conservative

I’ve added the TAC blog to my RSS reader a week ago after a Eric Martin recommended it in a post at ObWi. While I don’t agree with them on policy (generally), at least we seem to agree on basic … Continued