On Television Commercial Music

It’s funny, but I find a lot of my new music from TV commercials. Unfortunately, it takes some investigating to figure out who wrote what music because the music isn’t always publicized. Some companies, like VW, have a place on their web site dedicated to this type of info. Others, like Mitsubishi don’t mention their commercials at all. Of course, VW has already released a compilation CD of some of their commercial music. So, they might be the exception rather than a norm.

I’ve found some good resources on matching music to commercials, though. Here they are:

As a result, I’ve found out that the cool VW commercial they’re showing on the Loews commercial reel has music by ELO called Mr. Blue Sky. :) Now, who owns an ELO CD anymore?

There are some cool finds buried in there, and it’s a lot of fun to figure this stuff out.

On another note, I’ve noticed that I find “new” music from the companies focused on younger consumers. Like VW, or the Mitsubishi Montero commercial (which turned me on to telepopmusik). On the other hand, companies like Lexus (which used a Chemical Brothers track on one of their recent commercials) tend to focus on established artists, even if it’s electronica or some alternative style. I realize this is probably a function of their advertising agency and probably by design, anyway, but I just thought it was interesting.

Update: Feel free to ask questions in the comments below. Regular readers are happy to answer, as am I. :)

  • Cleo

    What is the song in the Chrysler Big Event commercial?

  • Ripgager

    Hello! How do you (if you’re a musician),get into position to have your music in commercials?