Bag Day in Northampton, MA

Update for 2010: I still see a lot of traffic for this post coming from Google. If you’re looking for info for this year’s Bag Day, check The Northampton Chamber site for details. Hope that helps.

Yesterday, November 22, was Bag Day in Northampton. Bag Day is an event where everyone with the official bag can receive discounts at nearly all of the shops and stands in Northampton’s town center. Discounts are 20% on either a single item or your whole purchase depending on the store. I ended up getting a bunch of things that I’ve been meaning to buy (new sneakers, some books, etc). Keep your eyes open for it next year (I couldn’t find a web site, so I’ll try to post next year as soon as Heidi tells me it’s coming up.

  • H (Squared)

    There is no website for Bag Day — and it is generally poorly publicized, I think. But it is really crowded anyway. It is always the Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving. You get the bag in the Thursday newspaper (Hampshire Gazette) 2 days before the big event. Or you can get them the morning of Bag Day — often at the stores or in front of Thornes (a marketplace). While Sujal may not like to admit it — he caught the Bag Day fever!