Check it out

Every now and again I’m moved by some especially clever or complete bit of programming that I need to post about it. Watson and NetNewsWire both got my attention before, for example. Well, today I discovered Alex King’s Tasks, a brilliantly executed web-based task manager written in PHP and SQL (MySQL is the documented DB). I’m always impressed by free software that is executed so well that it is a pleasure to use. Alex has included a lot of UI features that are non-trivial in web-based applications. It even integrates with iCal (and through that, my Palm!!!).


He also has a Pro version that supports multiple users. I recommend trying out the demo for Tasks or the demo for Tasks Pro. Tasks Pro looks like it could make a pretty solid small group project planning tool. It’s missing some of the GANTT charts and such, but in terms of subtasks, user rights (managers vs. workers etc), dependencies, etc. it’s all there.

Alex posted this comment on his development blog:

Granted, I tend to be a little more thorough on things like this than some people are, but I feel that if you aren’t going to do something properly – why bother?

Lots of people say stuff like that… few actually deliver. Tasks definitely seems to, though. He’ll be getting a donation from me soon.