More resignations

From Abu Aardvark: Public Diplomacy Czar Quits Add one more to the group of competent professionals who just can not work for this administration: Margaret Tutwiler, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy: “Margaret Tutwiler is quitting after just six … Continued

Found on a Plastic thread

Good enough to pass on: Do you see anything, uh, troubling here: ARLINGTON, VA – Bush-Cheney ’04 today launched the Winning the War on Terror Tour. The tour will highlight John Kerry’s troubling record on national security and his inconsistent … Continued

I think the URL says it all As much as Kerry is killing me, the alternative is far worse. Now if only Kerry would go back to being a free trader, I would be much happier.

Fatmixx new features

I’m just testing out the Google Ads features now. Any feedback, thoughts, or whatever, please leave a comment. I’m working on a new layout as I get time.

Prom Costs

“So much for the dress my mom made…” one student was quoted as saying…

More reason to own a Tivo Personally, I think the best part of this article is that you will be able to move the programming to laptops and external hard drives to be watched later. (West Wing while at work, anyone? Simpsons?)

Satire? Priceless

Too funny (read it all): A sign of success Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Matt Kinney described the towering, game deciding home run hit by Barry Bonds as a sign of his pitching success. “I was really challenging Bonds there,” Kinney explained, … Continued