Cheney’s pal Scalia

In case you missed it, the case about Cheney’s refusal to disclose information about who he met with to devise the White House energy policy in 2001 is finally going before the Supreme Court. From Arianna Huffington:

Justice is Duckblind

As you might know, the Supreme Court is going to begin hearing oral arguments on the Dick Cheney/energy task force case tomorrow. Cheney is fighting to overturn a lower court’s decision requiring him to reveal the names of his task force members and the details of the closed-door White House strategy sessions that produced the Bush administration’s industry-friendly energy policy.

Among those hearing the case is the vice president’s close pal, Justice Antonin Scalia — who has stubbornly refused to recuse himself from the proceedings, despite having recently gone on a duck hunting vacation with Cheney and accepted the VP’s offer to travel with him on Air Force Two.

Writer-filmmaker (and good friend of the blog) Roy Sekoff has co-created a new flash animation movie, “Justice Is Duckblind“, satirizing this scandalous, overly cozy state of affairs.

Check it out at and sign on to the petition calling on Cheney to come clean about his energy task force cronies.
[Arianna’s Blog]

The movie isn’t that great, IMHO, but it gets the point across.