video games for the homophobe?

Did you read about The Temple of Elemental Evil which now has the honor of being the first mainstream game to have a gay couple and a gay marriage? Here’s a review followed by some exposition: Armchair Arcade: Article/Review

guess it still counts as not doing harm

The Michigan state house passed the Conscientous Objector Policy Act which “[protects] health care workers and insurers from being fired or sued for refusing to perform a procedure, fill a prescription or cover treatment for something they object to for … Continued

ESPN gets retarded

If you’ve been watching ESPN (which I do for like 8 hours a day now) at all the past few weeks, you’ve seen the new ESPN NBA Playoffs commercial. It’s the one that’s themed around the 24 second clock. “24 … Continued

gotta share

aight there’s some funny stuff on my friend Rob’s blog. Thing is, he found it first. so I’m going to refer you to his page. But I swear, I swear, I swear the clicking is worth it. The thinking man’s … Continued

Cheney’s pal Scalia

In case you missed it, the case about Cheney’s refusal to disclose information about who he met with to devise the White House energy policy in 2001 is finally going before the Supreme Court. From Arianna Huffington: Justice is Duckblind … Continued

Last sunday

So, yesterday I decided very last minute (sat afternoon) to take a 24 hour trip to DC and join the march for women’s lives (I looked around for you Payal, but to no avail!). It was absolutely amazing the turn … Continued

the future of the future

Not only is this fascinating and really exciting, my cousin’s quoted in it 😉 No Wires, No Rules Let me know if you need a login/password. (oh and you’re looking for the Bahl quoted)

Bush’s foreign policy primer

I’m at the local Barnes & Noble today in the Middle East history section and run across these two titles: No, these aren’t jokes… I saw these in the World History: Mid. East section of the Barnes and Noble. I’m … Continued

I don’t get it..

So showing photographs of flag-draped coffins is “unwarranted or undignified” when the coffins contain the remains of service members killed in Iraq, but when the coffins contain the remains of firefighters killed on 9/11 it’s “crucial to the story of … Continued