Curse no more

Hey, Yankee Fans,

Twoooo Thousand! Twoooo Thousand!!! Twoooooo Thousaaaand!

Congrats, 2004 Boston Red Sox for being the greatest Red Sox team in 86 years.

I got nothing much else to say. This is the greatest sports day ever.

Let me know if you’re interested in hitting the parade for the Sox… I’m going to be there even if I have to go alone.

  • Tamagatchi

    Congratulatons, Sujal!!! And the rest of Red Sox nation… 86 years in the making!!!

    I know you couldn’t be here (or maybe you were) but a friend of mine sent me a link to her friend’s web site with some 63 video clips of Boston right after the game 4 victory… It is a pretty amazing recording of what happened in the streets of Boston… I hope you enjoy it.

    If you really want to know what it was like outside Fenway after the victory in game 4… start at video #MOVO5049.MPG and go right down the list… first hand video of the celebration:

    Have a great night… and the the rolling celebration/parade starts at 10am on Saturday…

  • Tamagatchi

    MOVO5058 is a great clip and so is MOVO5067