My little vacation

Due to popular demand (Heidi!), I am finally getting around to posting about my trip to Oaxaca. About a month ago I joined my friend Ami in Mexico, and spent three nights and three days eating as much as possible and walking around Oaxaca and some ruins. Just a little history, Oaxaca is the land of the Mole, which is a really great spicy sauce you can put on everything for those who have not had the pleasure. It can be green, red, or black, and is in my opinion really tasty. Ami was down there to research a story she is writing on cooking in Oaxaca, and to help her out I took a huge sacrifice and came down to help her enjoy the restaurants and take a cooking class.
To tell my story better, I will include some pics :)
Ah resting at the zocalo, a very cute plaza that is right in the center of Oaxaca. My first evening in Oaxaca!!!

Mmmmmm coconut flann… The first restaurant was fantastic, mole negro for Ami, mole verde for me.

We then took a pretty frightening bus trip out to the ruins of Monte Alban. The road was extremely narrow, very curvy, and the bus driver went as fast as possible. I think we were convinced it was going to go over at certain points, especially when there was a bus coming the other way…

The climb up the stairs was really tough…

Us looking cool!

My cookling class. The bed and breakfast was wonderfull, that is Pilar (the woman who taught the class) setting the table. The kitchen was like most of the houses, in the middle and open out to the sky in the middle. Really lovely. Our class taught us: mole verde, tamarindo juice, mango sorbet, quesidillas with mushrooms and peppers complimented by this tomatillo quacamole (my fav!)

And Last but not Least! I call this “Ami, and the sunset”

  • Tamar

    That looks like an awesome vacation! You look great and I am so jealous of the food.

    Also – on an unrelated side note I can’t decide if I thank you or yell at you for telling me about Tositos Queso con Salsa in a jar.

  • sujal

    Do both! Yell at her and then thank her. It’s just that bad for you and just that good to eat. :)

  • Karen

    What is the hebrew saying??
    Chatsi Ziyoon- something is so good that it is as good as “half a fuck”

    mmmm salsa con queso.. Damn I need some now!!! It really is that good :)

  • sujal

    Some tasty ads coming up on this post… Mole sauce kits and spaghetti sauce kits and more…

  • Katharine

    Hello… why is the sister the last to see these pictures??? Are there anymore????