links for 2005-06-26 – downloads Covers javascript and DHTML gui effects. Some neat effects here,too. (tags: ajax development javascript programming web code dhtml gui) Upgrade your iPod: Isolating In-Ear Earphones–Review by ExtremeTech Good rundown of some in-ear sound isolating headphones. I own … Continued


Heidi and I finally saw Sideways last night on DVD, complete with a glass of wine for Heidi. The wine was an important touch, since this movie is set in the wineries of California. The two main characters, Miles and … Continued

links for 2005-06-25

Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit We’ve built a limited version of this at work… it’s good to see Macromedia addressing this (tags: flash javascript actionscript ajax programming webdev web code dhtml) JavaScript Toolbox – Reusable Libraries And Objects things to … Continued

I’ve wondered about this

Kim points out an article that shows that major advertisers are clients of adware companies… they choose to advertise on adware. I’ve often wondered if adware advertisers were simply third parties using affiliate style programs to earn money. Looks like … Continued

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THE BELGRAVIA DISPATCH: Torture Isn’t a Laughing Matter–It’s Deadly Serious worth reading… runs down a cogent and serious argument against the torture practices at American detention centers around the world (tags: gitmo torture guantanamo vote wot terrorism know politics bush … Continued


Sure seems like the referees want to be a part of this game… ticky-tack fouls left and right… Update: Looking like a Spurs win is coming… Come on DETROIT! Update: it’s over. Congrats, Spurs… Update: It’s nice that the commentators … Continued

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Call Tracking – Ajax Patterns Interesting solution to a common problem… nice find, Pat (tags: ajax XML xmlhttprequest code web dhtml development programming)

House passes Flag Burning Amendment

The US House of Representatives passed an amendment to the constitution banning flag burning. While I understand that many find flag burning un-American, I can’t think of anything more un-American than this amendment. If we cannot protect the right of … Continued