True Story! Really!

I’m sitting here realizing I need to manage some files on Amazon S3. I’m currently using S3 Browser which, while nice enough, doesn’t feel like a good client. Ideally, I’d want an FTP-client-like interface. Then, I think, “Gosh, I wish Transmit worked with S3.” On a whim, I fire up Transmit to see if I missed some fancy option. Lo and behold, I’m greeted with a notification that a new version is available. I go over to the web site and what do I see under “New in Transmit 3.6!” but this:

Transmit now supports Amazon S3!

Seriously, how weird is that? It’s like it read my mind. Apparently, this feature came out last week, just in time for me. Thanks, Panic!

If you’re looking for a good FTP/SFTP client for Mac OS X, I highly recommend Transmit. Great client with loads of useful, smart features. Someone here at Fanzter also uses Coda as their HTML/CSS tool, which also comes with a lot of the Transmit functionality built in. I’d be using that, too, except that I already own CSSEdit, which I also highly recommend. Good stuff all around.

Update: Quick review after five minutes: It works great, as you’d expect from Panic. Nice stuff. (ah, except with stuff already on S3. It got confused by paths that are not really paths. Bummer, that’s part of what I was looking for. It does a decent job with stuff that’s put on there via Transmit, but that’s an easy putt)