Double Oops

Michigan loses again. This time, they lost to a real team. They lost big. Bigger than ever. To say that Michigan is hurting, is an understatement.

Can anyone say “Big 9 Conference.” Don’t worry, running back Mike Hart promises that they will win next week against Notre Dame. Well, they might have a shot as they are playing the second most overrated team in college football.

  • Jishman

    First time those two teams will enter a matchup BOTH 0-2. I love it.

  • dmr

    Didn’t the Big Ten already have 11 teams in it? A few Michigan fans said to me that they hope UM goes 0-11 so they can have some real change in the coaching staff and front office.

  • BadMD

    While it is technically true the Big 10 has eleven teams, it isn’t very funny to joke that they’ll change their name to the Big 10.

  • Tamar

    In the immortal words of Nelson – “heh heh.”

  • sujal