Apple MacBook Air Commercial Song – New Soul by Yael Naim

That’s the video I found on YouTube for that song. It’s a pretty good one, will have to check out her other stuff. Her stuff is on iTunes DRM Free:

Yael Naïm - Yael Naïm - New Soul

  • bunnyhero

    just fyi, as i write this, this post is the first hit on google for ‘macbook air ad music’ :) fast work!

  • Martin Lau

    Thanks for letting me know the name of the song in such a short time!

  • sujal

    I was challenged to see if I could find it. Took 30 seconds. Love the commercial. Love the song, too. :)

  • akallen


    this was the second result for ‘macbook air song’

    i’m not sure if you care but there you go

  • rich

    very freak’n impressed!

  • Kostis

    Thank you 😀

  • baalu

    thanks for the info…love the song n the artist…hope she does more songs in english…

  • laurent

    I’m an apple fan and I love the macbook air commercial… so thanks for the info.

  • JustNiki

    I am totally in love. THIS is real musicK. Seen the commerical a was so intriqued.
    Jael killed it w/ Toxic.


  • http://applemacbookairthin Diane

    Watched on tv new voice great!

  • http://applemacbookairthin Diane

    Great voice. New and refreshing.

  • JC

    so so so excited she is great and good to hear music again thanks for posting this

  • sami

    fell in love with the song the second I heard it. Barely noticed the commercial; too busy listening to the music! She is a breath of fresh air, no pun intended!

  • try

    i totally love the song! when i first saw the commercial i thought, who is that? i have to get their cd.

  • nicoley

    I love this song- but I could sware I’ve heard it on another commercial.


    fantastic…light & easy. it is a feel good song. i love that she is israeli.

  • Bob

    great song thx for getting me the info on it so fast! 😀

  • Cryssie

    Wow thanks! I didn’t think I would even find the name of the song far less a video!! I’m in love with this song! Mac did a great job finding a truly buzz-worthy song!

  • Joan

    The best song I have heard in years. Cheers to Apple for using it in their commercial.


    Just love this catchy tune!! Really impressed with this ad

  • stacy

    I just love this song thanks for letting my find it so easily.

  • Sruji

    Love this song. Thanks for your contribution.

  • Barbara

    I am 7l years old, and have been haunted by this song from the first time I heard it. I play it over and over in my head, and have wondered who the artist is. I found this web page and was delighted to see the video and actually see the artist in action. Apple did a great job chosing the music for their commercial if an old fart like me can still be impressed! Now, where did I leave my glasses……?

  • paula

    Love this song and just think the video is out of this world.
    I keep playing it over and over. Order the cd last night

    Keep up the good sounds.

  • Nikki

    I am doing an analysis for a song- any song- in language arts. I chose this song and I am trying to think what its about and have an idea. But what do you guys think??

  • Nikki

    Oh and the above comment is mine if you would like to help me out you can email me at