QR codes are the tip of the iceberg

I got to my parents today and my dad wanted me to help him with this:


Eventually, I got around to trying it. Luckily, I know what a QR code is, and I have an app that understands them. I imagine, though, for many folks this is a complicated mess.

But the kicker was that once I got around to scanning the code, it led me to a Facebook page for Dunkin Donuts, where I had to sign in and then like the page in order to enter the sweepstakes.

I get the press to get fans on your facebook page, but this is insane. Two major steps, one using a technology that doesn’t have much penetration in the US, and the other requiring me to log into Facebook (in my case, in an embedded browser inside a QR app). I bailed.

I assume most do. Does this seem like a good marketing plan to anyone? Why make it so hard? And all of this so that I might see an update from the DD marketing team if I happen to log in and Facebook’s algorithms think I should see their update.