Making software is a craft, not (just) a science

Love this essay by Craig Mod, one of the key guys behind Flipboard for iPhone. Lots of neat nuggets in a reflection on the journey of getting Flipboard for iPhone out the door.

Abstractly, you can think about going from digital to physical as going from boundless to bounded. A space without implicit edges to one composed entirely of edges.

For a while now it had been clear to all of us that edges are a critical framing aid in helping us consume [1] but it wasn’t until last year — helping build Flipboard for iPhone — that I began to understand how critical they are to gain perspective on creation. To gain perspective on a journey captured in bits.

[1] It’s one reason, for example, it feels so good to scroll down to most e-mailed on — it’s bounded, doesn’t update much, and you feel like you can read it all.

The Storyline is about helping you find and set edges on your news consumption. I love this way of describing what we’re trying to do.

(via Daring Fireball)

Update: so much awesomeness in this essay:

Perhaps the next Carver’s manuscript will contain the entire typing history of the document including GPS data of where he was when he wrote it. We will be able to replay the entire composition process. Shadow, if you so desire, a particular Hemingway through a certain Spain as he writes a new The Sun Also Rises.