Why we stopped using Trello, even though we love it

I tweeted this earlier …

… which prompted a few people to ask, “Why’d you stop using Trello?”

The answer is pretty specific to us and our particular organizational inertia (such as it is for a small company like us), but here it is:

We liked Trello a lot, but we ended up switching to use Github issues. While it’s somewhat inferior to Trello, it had two features that made it compelling.

  1. We use Github for source control, and Trello really doesn’t integrate with that workflow at all. For example, we can manage Github issues from our commit messages, reference them, and comment on them in a place we already have to look.

  2. We use Campfire, and Trello didn’t have any integration with it. We could’ve built that, but Github already has it, and so laziness won the day.

In truth, Github issues is pretty nice, too, so it’s not like we’re giving up that much.

I did like Trello’s visibility and the visual metaphor. It also is a lovely app. The other great thing about it was that it was easy to throw it up on the screen and use during meetings. Github issues (or any bug tracker, really), is merely OK projected.

Anyway, all of this might be moot now. Someone did the work we didn’t want to do, and built a service that integrates Github & Trello. We may have to take a look at this. :)

  • Felipe Garcia

    Have you heard of waffle.io? It is very cheap, and it lets you manage your Github issues using a Kanban, like Trello.

  • luke_ar

    Mi upvote goes to waffle.io Works nice, although it lacks many of the Trello features

  • masgui

    zapier.com can sync github and trello

  • bob

    Have you seen https://huboard.com/?

  • kevin lam

    Have you taken a look at http://moxtra.com and tried them out to see if the flow will work with Github? They already integrated Github as well.

  • http://www.asterix.com/ shyam habarakada

    We had some of the same issues as we adopted Trello, and I wrote two things to make life a bit easier. The first is a little node server that integrates with github hooks and posts to Trello card. The second is a little bookmarklet that makes it easy to copy a card shortlink — this was crucial because tagging github pull requests with a trello card ID was critical for this to work. The code is shared at https://github.com/shyam-habarakada/node-github-webhooks

    I did look at the Zapier integrations before I built these, and it didn’t seem to give me exactly what I want.