Facebook Open Graph Testing Ideas?

Anyone have any suggestions on how to test open graph actions against a production Facebook app but have it pull content from a development server?

Basically, i’m working on cleaning up some sharing on an app that we launched recently, and I want to setup the open graph types, stories, and actions in one place. I’d like to avoid having a dev app and syncing open graph types, stories, and collections between the two.

I use localtunnel to let Facebook hit my dev box, but I was having trouble getting around Facebook’s domain validation rules. It requires the URLs for the objects to map to the same domain as the website URL, so I couldn’t publish objects on http://1111.localtunnel.com/ for an app that actually lives at http://www.example.com. (I’m only doing this with test users, so it shouldn’t matter).

So, my current solution is to run a reverse proxy on a subdomain (which is allowed) that points to my tunnel back to my dev box. It works, but it seems unnecessarily complicated. I feel like I’m over-thinking this. Anyone have any better ideas? Or should i just use a development app and just deal with manually migrating open graph setup from it to the production app?

In case there’s no other idea, if anyone wants the reverse proxy setup I’m using with localtunnel, the project is up on Github. It’s got some nice bells and whistles, including custom redirect domains based on the host requested. This way, you can configure a single Heroku instance with multiple domain names and map them to individual team members. See the README at the project for details.