yeah, it’s over Sony

I think Microsoft has finally figured out the gaming market and Sony has missed the boat, officially. Here’s what I mean: Engadget distributed a cameraphone shot of the XBox 360 from the launch party. Nothing new if you’ve been following … Continued

Making PSP Videos on OS X

I finally got a movie onto the PSP that played with the sound intact and everything. Amazing, huh? My process was simple. I used MacTheRipper to get the movie off the DVD, using Title Only extraction. I then used FFMPEGX … Continued

Encoding PSP Video on OS X

You can find the resources I’ve found on encoding video for the PSP on OS X at my page. I’ll be adding more and posting here if/when I have any success. Update: I’ve put more notes and findings on … Continued

couldn’t give it up

So, the original plan was to buy the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) and then immediate flip it on eBay. Then I saw the little sticker on the box that said it came with a copy of SpiderMan 2, full length … Continued