About Fatmixx

Fatmixx is my place to write reviews about things I like and essays about topics I care about. This is version 2.0 of the site. Version 1.0 was a group blog written by some friends. This site is now all my fault. 1

Who Am I?

I’m Sujal. I’m a dad to 2 lovely children and a husband to a very lovely woman. You can find my family’s site over at Shahnicki Palace.

I’m a software developer by profession. I work on Internet products, things like web sites and apps you use on your computer or phone. You can find my more technical writing over at sujal.com.

The links at the very bottom of the page will take you to other places you can find me.

  1. The posts and content from the old site are no longer on the Internet. I feel weird about deleting stuff from the Internet, but I’m sure it’s all out there somewhere.