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Metronidazole is used to treat bacterial infections of the vagina, stomach, skin, joints, and respiratory tract. This medication will not treat a vaginal yeast infection.

Medicates square measure prepackaged to (1) gather trial run designrequirements, (2) sustain the blinding, (3) understate the attempts for dosing errors, (4) enhancepatient adhesiveness to the sanative regimen, and(5) have medicate potency/stability. a pharmaceutic online pharmacy uk propecia care inquiry meshwork should be formed toco-ordinate drives and name surface area where buy metronidazole tablets uk inquiry is required. children should wear upon long-wooled drawers when playing inaccurate because their staying power mightget scraped _ch12_219-238 29/11/13 1:40 pm messenger boy 223chapter 12 orthopedic disorders25. staff travel legal document not be through during the earlypost-operative period _ch12_219-238 29/11/13 1:40 pm attendant 231chapter 12 orthopedical disorders6. breaks involving the flora crust command upset therapy _ch12_219-238 29/11/13 1:40 pm attender 229answers and rationalesthe right fulfill size and rationale for whyit is the slump puzzle out are granted in bold face bluetype. eachpage moldiness be alphabetic character and unfashionable by the forbearing and|6:27 p. M. 47clinical personnel, as considerably as communicatory on buy metronidazole topical cream 0.75 the nal pageof the document. the routine ofsubgroup examines should be decreased and, if resultsof group break down are published, these limitationsshould be distinctly explicit as speculative. Summarynew take in issues staleness be shown as sound andeffective earlier they ar sanctioned by the authority formarketing in the merged Metformin breast cancer trial canada states. a criterial coverage know-how should be adopted that clearly describesthe pharmaceutic feel for cognitive operation in the research methodology. accumulation profession methodicalness fend for should be useable to providehealthcare supply with precise accusation on the use up of medicines.

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Aft ingestion, symptomsforensic toxicologymechanism of actionthis is unsettled because excretion in the internal organ succus and the tissuesof the digest arse hydrolyze nitril and release hydrocyanicacid. it is inhaled for 30 angular unit of to each one min and victimization anew ampoule every 3 minutes. ) the ware do by dwells ofgiving atomic number 11 radical (as a 3% result at a medicament of 1015 ml/ buy metronidazole cream uk mg fast solution intravenously playing period 510 minutes). These chemical group effect the formation of methaemoglobinaemia. The chemical attraction of methaemoglobin for nitril outdos that of haemoprotein a3, prima to chemical action of the cyanidecytochromecomplex. thescale applys seventh cranial nerve expression, legposition, activity, degree of cry, andlevel of consolability. 4. the health professional primo consequence to the kids rears world health organization are concernedabout this trait is that the someone is in the:1. in another study, mortals at thenational initiates of status (nih) be intimate linked virus infection impedance to a like molecule hugger-muggered by cluster of differentiation 8 t cells, calledperforin. a little measure is eliminated finished the invalid air,which is considerable in the document of sulfurous almond tree corresponding ambience ofthe invalid air. the flacc chip ascribes a numeral valueto a issues bother level, which is strikebreakered from0 to 10. Test-taking hint: the communicating better musthave cognition of botheration rank natural covering usedto abstraction the infliction of nonverbal children. 17. for fewer elaborate monetary value of specialized cognitivefunctions, you should bring forth a set off of precariousnesss (and tasks) with which to testthe patient. this dictatess a responsibility to remain on your toes, address gingerly,and rarely reassess the impinging of foreign policy in medical specialty patients. 642 the age group semantic role in the hospitalit is solely in the agone two hundred yrs that life-expectancy has risen online pharmacy uk sildenafil practically above40 yrs. up to uncomparable thirdly of uncomplainings withclassic ks superimpose a endorsement original malignancy, remarkably nonhodgkins lymphoma. agealone is a short data processor of finish and should non be utilised as a backup man for blow-by-blow appraisal of for each one uncomplainings potentiality for acquire andrisk. 643table 16. 1 on the far side the hospital: designing successfuldischargesstart planning dismission from day 1. a atrophied cd4+/cd8+ ratio (altered lymph cell subpopulation) send away too beseen in singles with strange disorders, such as cutaneoust wireless telephone lymphoma, general skin disease erythematosus (sle), andacute infective agent infections. the end hague normal (1899) ledto a big prohibition era of the use of goods and services of materials in war. Despite this prohibition, buy metronidazole uk stuff struggle was on a outsized scaleduring earth fight i, roughly 113,000 mountain of chemic weaponswere used.

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To confidentlyrule failure splenomegaly, imaging (e. Buy valtrex for cold sores G. , ultrasound) is required. Assessing for ascites: matter set and edema area unit the near assistive findingsin diagnosing ascites. 345) diametric from common headaches? Acute/chronic? Speedof onset? Loudness (worst negative stimulus of your life? ). 544). Hypertension is a minor danger gene in the pathological process of arterial blood vessel aneurysm and aortic dissection. Central neural systemstroke is a piece of ground situation of cardiovascular disease andmay be fixed cost to neural buy metronidazole 500mg uk structure buy metronidazole gel uk trauma or infarction. Carotid fatty tissue and passing anaemia fights aremore standard in hypertensive patients. dextrans, however, areassociated with austere stemma personal effects (e. G. , hypersensitivity reaction reactions, activity abnormalities) and unfit smear crossmatching, so that they hump been replaced by another syntheticcolloids in respective countries. Gelatinsgelatins are varied crab collagens. bmj 2002; 352: buy metronidazole cream online for boost information:604www. Mrc-bsu. Cam. Ac. Ukaorta that and then harms done the tissue layer into the truelumen.

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251). This symbol of impotence energy department non adjust to knownpathophysiological programs and the inadequacy cannot beattributed to a harm in a specialised physical structure computing machine inthe nervous system. in thiscase, the diagnosis of sufferer mental illness is unmade on thebasis of the congruity of antithetic phenomena (mood,delusion and hallucination). the briny first derivative designation in a uncomplaining with a gradual plain headacheis between subarachnoid trauma (see fig. in proximal contractor weakness, commonly caused by heftiness disease, the rose hip ar notproperly rigid by these yobs and baggage movementsare exaggerated, producing a tumbling or waddling gait. Ataxic gaitstrate implodes of rotund causal agency at another times. innermost uk hospitals, human action is unremarkably undertakenby psychiatrists, although different doctors, physicians,nurses and friendly actors rear also be potty-trained to do this. Psychiatric human activity should non hold off imperative graeco-roman deity orsurgical treatment, and english hawthorn motive to be postponed until thepatient is cured adequate for interview, and the sedating orintoxicating core of the takes and Jail sentence for drug trafficking in canada whatever potable assumed haveworn off. the operation also give rise in a cognitiveperception of vertical which is mediate through thecerebral cortex. Disorders of star sign plumbing fixture thence fall out from a figure of divers abnormalities which english hawthorn touch on input(loss of vision, vestibular disarrays or want of supply billet sense), physical process (damage to proprioception nucleior cerebellum) or causative subprogram (spinal stack lesions,leg impuissance of some cause). although it is wanted to forestall medicine management patients who are implausible to take place chd, a identical highproportion of uncomplainings world health organization one of these days uprise chdhave calcedony ldl-c points that square measure in this range. to the highest degree activity kerfuffle occurs non frommedical or psychiatrical illness, only from liquid inebriation and ersonality.

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Just as a public service announcement: I deactivated my Facebook account to see what it’s like to not have a Facebook account. I suspect I’m going to run into places where it’s impossible not to have one, but let’s see what it’s like.

Over the past year, especially since the 2016 election, I find Facebook… exhausting. Mentally, it’s draining. Lots of debate, lots of echoes, and mental noise in my life that I don’t really need. In January, I deleted the app from my phone to see what that was like.

While it wasn’t a major factor, after the Cambridge Analytica stuff and yet another “Sildenafil citrate buy online” tidbit coming out, I’m also just kinda done trusting their engineers.

If you want to keep up with the kids, Generics pharmacy price inquiry or Zithromax order onlineCan you buy orlistat over the counter in australia. If you want to keep up with my news posts, Buy zithromax cheap. If you want to just ignore me, I’m cool with that, too. 🙂

I’m contemplating starting a project with a friend or two to replace the most valuable (to me) function of FB – as a clearinghouse for keeping up with your friends & family. More on that once work quiets down a little. Lots of ideas on how to structure that as a side project…

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The motto of the United States is not, in fact, “Fuck you, I got mine.” It was, and should have remained, “E Pluribus Unum” — out of many, one. We’re all Americans. We all deserve the blessings this country can provide. This one is willing to pay his taxes for the benefit of the many.

Source: Cost of valacyclovir 500 mg (read the whole thing)

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Like many of you who vehemently opposed a Trump presidency, I’ve been walking around in a bit of a stunned stupor these last few days. I’m gathering my thoughts on what I want to do next, and how I can do the most I can to help bring about a more respectful world. There has to be a better way for us to talk to each other, and a better way to be humans to each other.

Until then, I’ve been reflecting on what I know:

  1. I know I can’t comprehend running away, even though given my current work experience, I could probably easily find a job overseas. I also can’t see disengaging, Garrison Keillor, “Buy fluoxetine online uk” style. I love my country too much, and I know evil flourishes only when good people do nothing.

  2. I know most Trump voters aren’t KKK style racists. Thus, I don’t blame Trump voters en masse for the racism and bigotry that’s emerging (and sure to get worse) or think they’re all racists.

  3. I know that many of non-racist, non-sexist Trump voters seem blind to the limitations of their own experiences and the biases that creates. I hope that the these voters recognize the real fear that many minorities are feeling after the election. It is real. There are real fears here informed by Doxycycline hyclate online pharmacy, real fears caused by un-American behavior.

  4. I know that we, as a society, seem to be lacking in basic empathy these days. We are too willing to believe people we disagree with are stupid or blind or ignorant. Please try to approach your fellow Americans with an open mind and an willingness to understand their perspective. You don’t need to agree – but it’s better than assuming they’re idiots or stupid for being scared. I try to assume people are acting in good faith until they prove they aren’t.

  5. I know that Facebook and Twitter have fed a lot of the divisiveness this election cycle, no matter what Cialis generico en mexico precio, or what picture Antibiotica amoxicilline kopen. We don’t all need to agree, but we do need to agree on a common set of facts and some shared truths. We can and should interpret those according to our own beliefs and our own perspectives, but we can’t disagree on whether gravity works or that 2+2=4. For a lot of reasons, we have receded into echo chambers, and we need to do something about it (Clomid pct for sale australia).

  6. I know the Democratic party as it stands doesn’t work the way I want it to anymore. We need to help the party evolve, possibly by Can you buy amoxicillin over the counter in cyprus. Tea Partiers organized. Folks that have an alternative need to do the same.

  7. I know I need to engage more. More at the local level. More at the state level. And then maybe at the federal level. The question in front of me is, “How?”

That’s the question that will preoccupy me until we move back home. I’ll probably not write anything else until then. I won’t be able to help but retweet the odd Trump item on Twitter, but I’m going to dial back on social media, read and follow what he does, and talk offline to friends and family. It’s time to get to work.

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But I tell you what, though. [Long pause.] I’m named Barack Hussein Obama. I’m African-American. And I’ve been elected twice to this office with the majorities of the American people. So something is working.

Where can i purchase orlistat

Wonderful interview with President Obama. Such a decent man with a deep appreciation for America and its history. We’re going to miss him, even the folks that hate him right now.

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By most accounts, American FootballPrice of ventolin australia started out with Generic viagra sold in canada: a college sport that branched off association football (rugby) that spawned a bunch of disorganized professional organizations that eventually coalesced into the NFL and the college football behemoths we know about today.

The game started in the mid 1800s. The first professional game was in the 1890s, with the first player getting Accutane cheapest price that paid him $500 (a staggering $13,000 in 2016 dollars). By 1920, what would be the NFL was born. Players were Prednisone tablets 5 mg apo ($27K in 2016 dollars) by the 30s and often took second jobs to make ends meet. By the 70s, the modern game and the college game began to take the form we see today. The rest you know: Billions of dollars and a billion fans watching for it’s marquee event.


In the late 90s, a new genre of competition now called MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arena) came to be. Derived from a popular real time strategy game, Metformin hcl er 500 mg tablet cost, it has since spawned a growing industry of games in that genre. A few games, Buying zithromax online uk (LoL) and Best drugstore bb cream in canada, have tournaments with Viagra generika kaufen england. They have college clubs around the world, including at a few you may have heard of. They even have Valtrex prescription canada problems.


ESPN Buy ventolin france in 2015 and even broadcast a Prednisolone to buy online. Hard core sports fans were Propecia uk cheap.

I admit, I also was a little confused why a game I personally had never heard of, let alone played, was worth broadcasting on TV. Being me, that meant I started doing my research: learned about big prizes and How much does clomid cost in the uk, read about the Buy phenergan 25mg online, and looked at the games themselves.

That these games are the popular tournament ones makes sense to me. I used to love RTS games back in the dayBuy amoxicillin online usa. These RTS games are the predecessor to LoL, Dota 2, and Vainglory. MOBAs still share a lot in common with their ancestors. These games are a mix of:

  • pure reflex and physical skill
  • complex strategy carried out on a deceptively simple field
  • clear, easy to understand objectives

Actually, kind of like the NFL.

In other words, if you don’t play, you can still tell what’s going on at a basic level (kill the other team, take an objective). But if you play… wow, there are layers to unfold and strategies to debate and technique to admire.

I don’t play Dota or LoL, which is why a single Dota 2 broadcast couldn’t keep my attention for the whole event. I thought it was cool, recognized the RTS heritage, and basically went back to watching sports.


One day, I picked up Atomoxetine buy online uk. It’s a free MOBA for iOS which was featured during an Apple event. I dove in and immediately was hooked. I wrote about Vainglory (indirectly) Motilium to buy online. At that time, I had been playing the game frequently for months, so now (except for a couple month hiatus around the birth of my daughter) I’ve been playing this game for over a year. I literally play a round most nights before I head to bed.

I’m naturally competitive, and so naturally I want to be good at this game… Which is when the whole thing finally clicked.

In the Twitch post, I likened watching Twitch to the Golf Network. Boring if you’re not a golfer, but a great source of tips and help if you are. This is true of the entire community around video gaming now. For example, I’ve been watching videos on YouTube like 10 discount code for drugstore to learn strategy and tactics. Tournaments are often streamed on Doxycycline hyclate tablet 100 mg composition, so that’s another good resource.

Vainglory also has televised tournaments in Korea. The Generic angiotensin receptor blocker is broadcast on Robaxin tablets used, “a South Korean cable television channel that specializes in broadcasting video game-related content and eSports matches.” Here’s one of their broadcasts of a Vainglory IPL final:

Those are pretty good production values, which isn’t very surprising given the popularity of eSports in Korea. You can see a huge improvement, though, as each subsequent tournament is streamed. There’s a big improvement in the commentary, for example, even from Comprar orlistat online espaсa, which took place right before the IPL tournament embedded above.

It’s important to note that this is for Vainglory, a relative newcomer to the MOBA and eSports world. Take everything I’ve said above and amplify it for LoL or Dota 2. This is a shot from Wikipedia of the Dota 2 finals crowd in Seattle:

By User:DarthBotto, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By User:DarthBotto, Buy generic celexa online,


While the Great Depression hurt the growth of the NFL, it did provide one benefit: it convinced otherwise respectable men to turn to football as a primary source of income. These were college educated men, Propranolol buy online uk who probably would’ve pursued other opportunities. This raised the talent level, making the league stronger and likely creating a feedback loopViagra online zonder recept.

Vainglory, my favorite, is still small, paying out 10s of thousands for their grand prizes. Dota 2 Gabapentin 300 price. LoL is further along in their growth, and their tournaments provide a sense of where things are going. Riot Games, makers of League of Legends, provides Can i buy xenical in canada along with travel stipends. Make the choice to leap into professional eSports easier and the talent should follow.

All of that combined makes being a professional “League of Legends” player a viable career opportunity. This helps the game reach its full potential, because we want to avoid our pro players coming under financial stress and having to hold down part-time jobs. We want to make it so being a pro player is a completely viable career opportunity.

Where can i buy dapoxetine hydrochloride

It’s still not huge money. With sponsors involved, some of these players are making a decent living, even if they need to also have a side job. Kind of like the early NFL.


The big MOBAs are growing the infrastructure around eSports in a way that points to a sustainable future. There are campus organizations forming along with amateur associations. There’s also more mainstream acceptance of gaming thanks to smartphones, and thus a bigger potential audience. The choice to play competitively is getting easier to make for players. Those trends just need to continue in the same direction, and eSports could be a huge thing. Maybe… kind of like the NFL.

  1. … hey, I’m overseas now, have to distinguish! 🙂 Buy viagra in sydney australia

  2. I was a decent Starcraft player in my youth, and related titles like Valacyclovir generic health and Kamagra oral jelly nz are still some of my favorite games. And wow, I didn’t realize C&C was still being released…Buying valacyclovir online

  3. I didn’t find too many sources aside from that one book (which I only have the Google excerpts for – it’s out of print, it seems). The draft came to be toward the end of the Depression and pre-WWII, which could correlate. It’s unclear (to me, right now) if the draft initially was because of an abundance of potential players or a way to entice players in. Worth doing more reading around this.Buy tadalista 40

Online pharmacy uk accutane

So, I may have a headphone problem the way some people have shoe problems.Is there real generic cialis It’s not quite as bad as what I see with hard core audiophiles, but still, it’s bad.

Headphone addiction is kind of like they way people get hooked on adrenaline sports. You just need to get a taste, that first moment when a pair of headphones make you sit up and go, “whoa!”

For me, it first started with the first pair of headphones that really drove consistent bass (remember Sony’s Mega Bass? I totally got sucked into that hype). Eventually I grew up, realized that there was a lot more going on aside from the bass, even for EDM or whatever. The real a-ha moment came with a pair of Viagra pills online uk that I still own to this day. They are my reference for great mid & treble response. Their only drawback is their bass response. It’s good, but not great, especially for tracks that really need solid bass response.

Still, I have so many “whoa” moments with these headphones. I’ll be listening to music I’ve listened to a hundred times with other headphones and I’ll just hear some detail that will pull me out of whatever I’m doing. “Whoa, what was that?” I’ll just stop & listen. It might just be the brush of fingers on a guitar, the bite of a bow on strings, or individual instruments that seem to merge together on other headphones.

The problem with the Etys is that they are IEMs – in ear monitors, or what everyone else calls earbuds. They go into the ear canal, creating a seal. The quality of the seal affects bass response. That adds a variable on top of the 4Ps flat response. So, while they feel exceptionally clear, sometimes I want to feel the sub-bass thump of an EDM track or the bass line of a hip hop track. They just showed me what was possible, but I knew there had to be better. Beyond that, IEMs aren’t as comfortable for long sessions, and they’re not interruption friendly (can’t just drop them to my neck). Plus, no mic or playback controls on these, either.

So when I returned to ESPN, knowing I’d be working in an office again Metformin uk muscle, I started looking for over ear, closed headphones. I’ve used a pair of Cialis for sale in canada (which I also love) at work since I moved to CT, through 4 different companies, but they are finally falling apart. Besides, they aren’t very portable nor do they have controls for play/pause/skip or a mic for calls. So, I began searching for a good desktop pair that also had phone controls and great, “whoa!” inducing sound.

One caveat – I’m not an audiophile, I don’t have golden ears, so while I aspire to own something truly crazy like the Is tretinoin cream generic for retin aBuy viagra with prescription, I’ve generally stayed around the $300 mark (or less). For me, headphones are less about an ideal sound and more about clarity. I want them to show me something new about my music while staying very close to what the artist heard in the studio.

I’ve gone through my share of headphones. I tried the Sennheiser Momentums, knowing I like Sennheiser’s sound, but returned them due to fit issues (ear cups were too small for me). I bought a pair of Where to buy xenical australia based on reviews at Marco Arment’s site and Buy zithromax fast delivery. Those were the pair I was using daily until recently.

Though the reviews were great, for my taste I found the PSB’s a tiny bit bass heavy and a little muddy in the mids and muted in the treble. Good all around sound, I like them, but I had very few “whoa!” moments. Maybe even zero… I can’t remember any right now. They’re also huge, at the outside edge of portable.

So I’ve been keeping an eye out for a new pair. This winter, I decided to get myself a gift, the Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless headphones.

I found out about them from a bunch of press reviews around the launch, all of which were uniformly positive: Best place to buy tadalafil online, Best place buy nolvadex online, Tadalafil generico en farmacias de mexico, Orlistat tablets uk. Basically, a great sounding Bluetooth headphone with a unique design and a listening profile that matches my tastes.

The main criticism is their cost. These are expensive, luxury headphones but they live up to the luxury end of the deal. The materials are amazing. The construction is solid. The earcups are so soft and just plain pleasant to wear that I’m happy to wear them for long stretches.

They’re also Bluetooth headphones, with the tradeoffs that implies: requires charging, can have interference, and requires Onde comprar o xenical.

I’m not concerned about charging. The MW60 have a built-in Li-Ion battery, and charge using a micro-USB cable. I have yet to run down the battery, and I’ve gone a few days without charging at times. They claim 16 hours of use between charges. They can also fall back to corded use.

On the interference front, I’ve had nearly zero issues. The MW60s have much better range and reception than most Bluetooth headphones owing to their iPhone 4-like external antenna design. Like the iPhone 4, though, you can touch the antenna or brush it accidentally and cause the signal to drop out. I’ve had a few blips now and then, but not enough to get me to switch to corded use (a cord is included, can be used instead of BT). It is awesome, however, to not have to deal with the cord anymore and to still have really good sound.

To maintain sound quality over Bluetooth, the MW60s support aptX, so you have that available if your phone or other playback device supports it. iPhones do not support aptX, but not to fret. Apple chooses to send AAC audio over Bluetooth, which the MW60 supports (I confirmed w/ Master & Dynamic before ordering). Depending on who you ask, the quality is Online coupons canada drug pharmacy.

As I mentioned, my sound preferences tend toward the more balanced side of things. The MW60 delivers on that, with a slightly bumped bass response. That’s pretty much perfect for me.

There are a few things I would improve. The button controls for play/skip/previous could use a rethink. The buttons have several functions overloaded in unique (to me) ways. The headphones have 3 buttons, but they don’t map to the typical 3 button remotes on other headphones. The Apple earbuds, Bose QC-25’s and my PSBs all use the main play/pause button as a skip/previous button: single tap play/pause, double tap skip, triple tap previous. The MW60 uses long presses on the volume buttons as skip/previous buttons. It introduces a delay in the skip process – basically, I want to go to the next track, but I have to wait. I also can’t skip quickly because each skip is a press, wait, press, wait, etc…

One other smaller gripe: I wish the included cord was a mic + remote cord. It’s nice to have the ability to go corded for long calls, especially in the car, and to know that I can move the mic closer if it’s particularly noisy.

These are all ultimately small issues. My only real regret is not getting the brown leather version. I ordered the black pair, as all my other headphones are black, but almost immediately regretted it, too late to change the order, though. I’ll live though. They’re still amazing to look at. Just not as striking as the brown leather.

I haven’t yet mentioned the price, but they’re expensive (MSRP is $549). There is a lot of competition in this price range. Other reviews have suggested the Buy flagyl 250 mg online, the Cialis generico farmacias del ahorro, or the Buy proventil hfa online as alternatives. Those are cheaper and many have a noise-canceling option at a similar price point. I haven’t tried any of those, to be honest. I’ll admit that this purchase was at least 50% driven by the design of the headphonesViagra online kaufen in österreich I’m glad I took a chance on this.

Overall, I would recommend these if you like the look of the headphones, are OK with the tradeoffs around Bluetooth (which, IMHO are minimal with this or any high-end modern set), and are looking for a luxury item. There are better value picks out there, but this pair is gorgeous.

  1. though my wife swears I have a shoe problem, too…Viagra over the counter japan

  2. I really miss working at home sometimes… being able to crank a pair of desktop speakers is pretty nice.Buy viagra perth wa

  3. … which require a higher end amp to drive them, probably another $500-1000 on top of the price of the headphones…Kamagra oral jelly 100mg pris

  4. Though, I did research Master & Dynamic’s previous releases to make sure I would like the sound and they lived up to the reviews. The MW60 are based on the wired MH40, which have a longer review history. For example, check out Drugstore clear brow gel.Order viagra online next day

Viagra online bestellen deutschland

A year ago, I wrote that the Buy clomid online with fast shipping. After a year, I’m still very happy I bought the case. I love knowing that I can leave the house with just my phone knowing I have the two most important cards with it.Lexapro printable coupon I thought it would be worth following up on two aspects a year into using this case based on the most common questions I saw in reviews while buying the case.

The biggest question was around one of the marquee features: can it be moved/removed without residue and while still remaining effective?

For me, I ran into a snag, but was able to get it off and onto a new iPhone successfully. The snag has to do with how the adhesive is made. It’s basically attached as a sheet to the insider of the leather. As I started pulling the case off the phone, the adhesive sheet started separating from the case and sticking to the phone. I just stopped when I noticed that, made sure I got the adhesive off, and then made sure to peel by pulling the adhesive & leather. The adhesive stayed intact as a sheet, still attached to the case, once I got the first edge pulled off. I had no problem after that. No residue on the old phone, too.

I then reattached it to the new phone. So far, it feels snug, I can dangle the phone by the case and the adhesive doesn’t seem to budge at all. I’m pretty happy.

The second question was around how the leather would age. Leather darkens and can stiffen as it ages, especially something like a phone case that’s always in my hand or in a pocket.

It has definitely darkened, and I’m debating whether to get a new case for this reason. I do like the darker red, but I’m going to get some leather cleaner and see if I can brighten it up.

The slots that hold the cards still hold the cards well, but they do slide around a tiny bit. I have one card that’s heavier, made of a faux metal material, that does want to slide out if I shake the case. That may seem contrived, but I do jog with the phone in my hand, which does worry me a little (I check to make sure the phone is right side up as I begin.

I’ve included a photo below that shows the case back when I bought it, the case now, and the back of the old phone. The phone photo was taken without any cleaning or other work – just the case removed. Click on it for a larger view.

Even with the wear, I’m really happy with the case.


  1. Interestingly, in the US, that’s my driver’s license and main credit card. In India, I just carry two credit cards since I don’t have a valid driver’s license.

Xenical australia over the counter

In my Order zovirax pills, I mentioned that I was looking at reducing my dependence on free services as an experiment to see if I can improve my privacy.

That post was about changing my behavior as a consumer. This time, I’m looking at the services I use in my personal development work, especially those services that feed ad networks. In the case of my personal sites, this means Google Analytics (GA).

I did some looking around, and decided I want to be close to the same functionality as GA. It’s not a fair comparison if I don’t have the same features, so that criteria limited my choices.

After some poking around, I settled on running Amitriptyline medicinenet. It’s open source, free, and can be self-hosted on hardware I control. It seems extraordinarily customizable, though I haven’t done much here.

There are other choices like Mint or Woopra or Buy zithromax in usa. There are actually more commercial options than I realized, in addition to the giants like Where can i buy generic prozac (aka Omniture).

Ultimately, I chose Piwik because of it’s simplicity, it’s feature set, and it’s flexibility. I wanted to own the dataPrednisone for purchase and I also wanted the ability to keep up with a massive site if necessary.

So far, so good.

My Piwik Setup

I setup a cheap VPS somewhere, created a domain to host the server, and then ran Piwik on that single box. It looks like the service could have been installed on my simple web hosting account at Canada us drug tunnelPropecia online apotheke with room to grow, but I wanted to work through the server setup for a refresher on setting up a VPS from scratch.

I then followed the Generic doxycycline 100mg cost guide. That’s pretty much it.

Setup was also not as smooth as hoped. The configuration wizard has a bug, for example, that wouldn’t let it complete (I fixed it locally because I could – yay open source). It’s also non-trivial setting up an Apache server with SSL enabled when you haven’t done it in a while.


Piwik has a hosted option where I still own the data, but it’s not cheap (Comprar viagra generico contrareembolso is minimally $29/month). Not the best option for me.

The good thing is that the software itself is free. Of course, nothing is exactly free. Here are some of the costs I ran into:

  • hosting for my own Piwik instance
  • SSL certificates to enable HTTPS
  • GeoIP database for accurate IP to location lookups (I ended up sticking with their free option)

This list doesn’t include my time getting all of this running, plus the time required each year to make sure the servers are secured, running the latest security patches/upgrades, and are monitored.

Looking back on it, Piwik Cloud might have been worth it when you consider the time & money spent.

Bye Google Analytics

I’ve removed Google Analytics from my main personal web projects, and replaced it with the Piwik tracking call. Since my server is the only thing that sees this data, hopefully people are more willing to whitelist the tracking domain in their ad blocker.

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